Assistance to coeliacs when going abroad

Assistance to coeliacs when going abroad

With the near removal of COVD-19 restrictions and the closeness of summer, we believe we should remind members of the assistance and various services they could avail themselves of when travelling abroad.

Smartphone apps


In a previous newsletter, we had informed you that the Italian Society – Associazione Italiana Celiachia (AIC) – provided an app called “AIC Mobile Welcome” for coeliacs travelling to Italy.

The English version is available for both Android and iOS and it can be used up to 15 days from its purchase. The last information available was that it cost €3.99.

Should you be travelling to Italy and experience problems to procure the app, contact:


FACE, the Spanish society, is also offering a similar app for use by tourists who visit Spain. It costs €4 per week and can be requested by email from:

In more general terms

Restaurant cards for coeliacs

Earlier on this year, we had covered this topic and included specimen to highlight the availability of cards that coeliacs can print out in a number of languages and take with them on their holidays. We believe it is worth keeping a bookmark in your browser of the website:

European Associations

Through its membership in AOECS, the Association can provide you with the contact details of the majority of European coeliac societies. With these details, you may contact the respective society and request specific information regarding the availability of GF food and catering establishments that cater for coeliacs in that area you’ll be travelling to in the respective country.

Here we feel it is important to mention that Coeliac UK offer a vast amount of information and that a substantial part of the information on their website is also available to non-members.

Should you have difficulty in getting information, the Association is always willing to assist you.