Interview: Teżori and

Over the past months, the Association has been receiving enquiries regarding the range of products available in supermarkets under the Teżori label.

As we have done in other circumstances, we made contact with the manufacturers and requested a meeting to discuss the products and, particularly, the gluten free claim being made.

During our meeting with Mr. David Xuereb, it transpires that this manufacturer is a family based business made up of the former owners of Sapori which they sold last year.

In our discussions, we realised that the individuals behind the Teżori label safeguard the gluten free aspect throughout and they treat the contamination aspect very seriously and cover the procurement of ingredients, production, packing and distribution as well as random testing on their production. Most of their products are also lactose free and some even dairy free.

This experienced producer makes a wide range of daily baked and frozen food under their brand, Teżori including but not limited to ‘ftajjar’ (freshly baked) and a variety of frozen pasta, pies, ‘pastizzi’, ‘imqaret’ etc.

They also import certified Italian brands, adding to their already substantial portfolio of pastries and cakes already well known at Sapori.

The Association took up the invitation to visit the production of the various products and, as far as we could ascertain, the claims about the attention and safeguards to produce gluten free food in a gluten free environment are valid.

Regarding their range of herbs and spices which are also being made available in supermarkets, we have been advised that, based on their data sheet, this range of products is gluten free, imported in bulk and packed in a gluten free environment in the smaller packets in which they are being sold.

Apart from being available from local supermarkets, these products may be bought from their premises at 48, Triq ix-Xitwa, Ħal Qormi QRM 5232 or online shop on

Mr. Xuereb advised that they are in the process of finalising their application to be able to accept POYC vouchers.

At the moment, the Association and the Xuereb family are discussing a proposal to introduce a discount scheme which will include bonus vouchers for existing and future members; more on this in the next newsletter.