What is Coeliac Disease?

It is a life-long inflammatory condition of the gastrointestinal tract. This is caused by gluten, a protein in wheat, and similar proteins in rye, barley and possibly oats.

For more information visit our Coeliac Disease page.

How can I become a member of the Coeliac Association Malta?

You can find all information on how to become a member here.

Is any government subsidy provided?

Yes, medically diagnosed coeliacs are eligible to receive benefits in the form of monthly vouchers that may be exchanged for specific gluten free food items at retail outlets participating in the scheme.

More details can be found on our POYC page or the POYC website.

Where can I find a list of restaurants, hotels and other outlets that serve gluten free food?

In Malta, there has been an increase in awareness on Coeliac Disease and most of the restaurants are aware of the condition and its requirements. However, it is extremely important that you query in detail on the dishes you order to ensure that there will be no mistakes. This more so when we are aware that, in general, restaurants do not have a completely separate area for gluten free cooking; thus the risk of cross contamination exists and one needs to be very inquisitive and careful at all times. The situation in hotels should be less problematic but we still recommend being cautious and vigilant.

The above, coupled with a widespread disregard to EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation No. 1169/2011, led us to stop distributing a list of recommended restaurants we had been compiling over the years.

Regarding gluten free food from supermarkets, shops, etc., there are various shops, particularly in the more tourist oriented areas, which are well stocked with gluten free food and visitors need not bring any gluten free items except for limited quantities to see them through the day.

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