Update on Maypole’s Party Set Menu: Free From Feast

Coeliac Association Malta

A few weeks ago, we received comments concerning Maypole’s Free From Feast product due to its gluten free claim whilst also stating to be not suitable for coeliacs.

By law (European Regulation No 1169/2011) a product with a gluten free claim must be tested to contain 20ppm (20mg/kg) of gluten or less. If there are concerns of cross-contamination, the product should have a “may contain” or “not suitable” claim.

We have contacted Maypole with our concerns and we are happy to share the following updates:

  • The Gluten Free claim and Gluten Free symbol have been removed
  • Claims of “may contain gluten” and “not suitable for coeliacs” have been added
  • Due to concerns that a “Free From” product is understood to be completely free from specific ingredients, in this case gluten and lactose, Maypole will also be looking for a more suitable name for this product

Coeliac Association Malta would like to extend its thanks to Maypole for taking the time to carefully consider our concerns and for promptly applying the necessary changes.