Maypole Set Menu update

Coeliac Association Malta

We would like to provide an update on Maypole’s Set Menu – Miley Cyrus (previously known as Free From Feast).

Maypole sought our guidance on the best way to offer a menu without gluten but may still have risks of cross-contamination, therefore not suitable for coeliacs.

Using the term gluten-free when there are risks of cross-contamination is misleading to consumers. Therefore we suggested the following:

  • Items such as “gluten-free bun” should be reworded so that the “gluten-free” term is not used
  • Treat the Set Menu as a regular product: List all ingredients used and make sure all allergens are highlighted in bold
  • Add a precautionary label to highlight risks of cross-contamination

We are pleased to announce that Maypole has taken our advice and updated their menu accordingly.

The Coeliac Association Malta extends its heartfelt thanks to Maypole for the opportunity to share our views and implement the necessary changes.