Be part of the Coeliac Association

The Coeliac Association’s main aim is to offer help and advice, and provide useful information about the condition and the gluten free diet to newly diagnosed persons. We offer ongoing support and advice to members and their families and provide dietary guidelines to help improve the quality of life of coeliacs.

Whilst this ongoing support has been active since its first days in 1989, we are aware that we need new ideas and new personnel to help us fight today’s challenges. The majority of these challenges are not from a medical perspective but from a social perspective.

These include public awareness of coeliac disease and the gluten free diet, awareness and proper knowledge of food handling, challenges when eating out and newly diagnosed coeliacs adjusting to a new lifestyle.

Being part of the Association helps us grow and have different perspectives when we are faced with these challenges. With that in mind we would like to explain how one can be part of the Association.


Anyone who has been medically diagnosed as coeliac can become a member of the Coeliac Association. We provide information in a newsletter format, whilst being able to participate in social activities that we organise during the year (understandably the COVID pandemic has limited our activities).

Membership ideal for:

  • newly diagnosed coeliacs
  • opportunity to meet other coeliacs in our social activities
  • receive regular information on coeliac disease

Committee Member

Members can be part of the Committee which sets out the Association’s agenda throughout the year. This includes monthly meetings, organising our activities, communicating with our members as well as local authorities.

Your role as a committee member:

  • be part of the Association’s decision making
  • bring new ideas to the table for coeliacs in Malta

Supporting Members and Co-opted Committee Members

The Association accepts members who are medically diagnosed as coeliac, however this should not stop others from being part of the Association. This is where Supporting Members come in.

Anyone who is willing to support the Association by enhancing awareness of coeliac disease or would like to assist in running the Association can contact us to establish how you can support the Association.

Supporting Members are not eligible to vote in General Meetings and contest an election for the Committee. Having said that, if the Committee unanimously deems it necessary, supporting members may be co-opted to the Committee for an indefinite period.

Potential supporting members:

  • those willing to collaborate with the Association
  • professionals ready to share their expertise with the Association
  • parents of diagnosed coeliacs