AOECS Conference 2023

This year’s AOECS Conference took place in Athens from the 2nd to the 5th of November with many discussions and ideas shared with other European Coeliac organisations. Here is a summary of the Conference:

New Book: Pediatric and Adult Coeliac Disease – A Clinically Oriented Perspective 

Prof. Riccardo Troncone (Professor and Head of the Department of Paediatrics at the University Federico II in Naples) presented a new book that will be released soon which delves into Coeliac Disease.

Apart from information on Coeliac Disease, it also explores potential treatments that may be available in the future that can be used along with a gluten free diet.

We look forward to providing further details once the book is released.

Gluten Free Foods and new Treatments for Coeliacs

Prof. Riccardo Troncone along with other participants discussed the potential treatments for Coeliacs which are currently being researched.

Whilst a gluten free diet helps coeliacs and those intolerant to gluten, there are still cases where following the diet is not enough and as we all know exposure to gluten can never be completely eradicated. Additional treatments along with the gluten free diet can help to minimise the damage caused when gluten is ingested.

The positive news is that several trials are underway and results are promising. As always research takes time, however it seems like we are getting closer to having some form of treatments for coeliacs.

Gluten Free Beer

An ongoing discussion has been whether European gluten free beer is safe for coeliacs. When comparing with gluten free beers in non-EU countries such as the US, Canada and Australia, the criteria differ. As an example, in the US a gluten free beer cannot have any amount of gluten whilst in Europe 20ppm (or 20mg/kg) of gluten is acceptable.

Numerous tests run by European Associations such as Spain and Italy result in safe amounts of gluten for coeliacs to consume gluten free beer.

The most important message we can pass to you is to opt for certified gluten free beer and as always, drink responsibly.

Other discussions

  • Analysing membership structures in European Associations and what the future holds to this type of structure
  • AOECS collaborations with external organisations including BRCGS and ISSCD
  • New food labelling standards which may have a negative impact for consumers who following a gluten free diet, at the moment AOECS is discussing a way forward with Codex

We would like to thank AOECS and the Hellenic Society for organising this event in Athens.