Why isn’t all chocolate gluten free?

Gluten free chocolate

Source: Coeliac UK

Not all chocolate can be included in your gluten free diet, even if gluten isn’t listed as a deliberate ingredient on the ingredients list. This is because some different brands of chocolate carry ‘may contain’ statements, meaning the manufacturer has decided that there is a risk that the product could be contaminated with gluten.

How to choose safe gluten free chocolate products

With this in mind, it’s important that you carefully select your chocolate products to make sure they are gluten free and safe for your diet.


Through Coeliac UK’s Food and Drink Directory, the Association can guide you through a wide range of chocolate listed therein.

However, it is important to always keep in mind that chocolate is imported from various EU and non-EU countries and that manufacturing processes may vary; thus the Coeliac UK Directory may not always be of help. Apart from reading the ingredients list on the packaging, it is also important to establish the country of origin and, if possible, avoid consuming chocolate, which does not satisfy EU legislation.


Cocoa powder is gluten free but hot chocolate powders, chocolate sprinkles and toppings for cappuccinos need to be checked.

The Association’s assistance through Coeliac UK’s Food and Drink Directory is not of any help here and a lot depends on the individual outlet serving these drinks; so it is important that you avoid these unless you can ascertain that these are gluten free.

Cooking with gluten free chocolate

Looking for a dessert? Why not try baking a gluten free chocolate cake. Looking for ideas for an edible present? Why not try making some no cook chocolate truffles. These are simple and easy to make and taste delicious.

You can check out these recipes.

Seasonal advice

Coeliac UK also produces lists of chocolates that are suitable for a gluten free diet at Easter and Christmas, check back with the Association for these.