Gluten free; but not suitable for coeliacs?

Coeliac Association Malta

The Association keeps getting complaints that eateries and retail outlets are still advertising gluten free food but, when this is queried before ordering, coeliacs are being told that it is gluten free but not suitable for coeliacs.

Although our understanding is that this is illegal because:

  • The term ‘Gluten Free’ cannot be used to classify any food item unless it contains no more than 20 parts per million (20 ppm); and
  • The actual food being offered &/or served could not have been tested and found to contain up to 20 ppm as defined by legislation

The Association felt it prudent to refer the matter to the Environmental Health Directorate and clarify the matter.

It is understandable that, at the moment, this Directorate has more important issues to address regarding the pandemic; however, the Association will be following the matter through and will advise members accordingly.