Kitchen Guidelines

Kitchen Guidelines

Simple guidelines for any kitchen whether it’s at home or at a restaurant.

Handling Gluten

Gluten is not visible, it is removed with soap and water.

Whether it’s cutlery, plates or a chopping board, your best option to remove any traces of gluten is by washing with soap and water.

Gluten in Food

Any small amounts of gluten will cause damage to coeliacs.

A salad with one crouton, a few crumbs on the side of a plate – it doesn’t matter. If the food has been contaminated, removing the ingredient is not enough, restart the dish.

Before Cooking Starts

Before starting any gluten free dish, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Planning on cooking gluten free and normal dishes at the same time? Make sure to prepare and cook gluten free dishes first as this reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Check Ingredients

Check all ingredients to make sure they are all gluten free. If in doubt, leave it out.

It is always useful to label gluten free products or colour code containers or products.

Toasters and Fryers

Never use the same toaster or fryer.

Whilst toast bags are a good solution to toast gluten free bread, having a separate toaster is your safest option.

Work in a clean area

Make sure all utensils, cutlery, kitchen equipment and work surfaces are properly cleaned.

Again soap and water are your best friends.

Boiling Water and Cooking Oil

Never reuse boiling water or cooking oil.

Once food containing gluten is cooked the water or oil is contaminated, always use clean water and oil.