The Crossed Grain symbol

Crossed Grain symbol

Why is the Crossed Grain symbol used and when is this valid to use on products?

“The symbol provides buyers with a quick reference point whilst out shopping. This is particularly important when the consumer is unsure on the gluten status of a product, or whilst travelling and unable to understand the language in which the label is displayed. It is a quality and safety guarantee as all producers wishing to use it must conform to high and safe standards of production.” – AOECS website

The Crossed Grain symbol is covered by copyright and may only be reproduced on labels and/or other packaging if the product in question has been submitted to the rigorous testing of the copyright holder. Furthermore, if this process has been satisfactorily carried out, the symbol would carry additional markings to identify the origin, originator and specific licence number.

Products with an unlicensed Crossed Grain symbol

Any product using an unlicensed Crossed Grain symbol:

  1. Does not guarantee that the stringent processes set by the owner of the symbol are being followed to produce food that is suitable for coeliacs or that adequate precautions are being taken to avoid cross contamination
  2. The reproduction of the unlicensed symbol creates a false sense of security to coeliacs who, on seeing the symbol, procure and consume the food believing it is prepared on the stringent conditions that the symbol guarantees.

What should you look out for when looking at Crossed Grain symbol on products?

The symbol should consist of the following:

  • Registered Trademark
  • Country Code such as MT, UK, IT
  • Product Code

More information about the Crossed Grain symbol: