Update: Blood tests carried out at Mater Dei Hospital

Coeliac Association Malta

Further to our letter to all members and the posting of our concerns both on Facebook as well as the Association’s website, the Association received responses from members and non-members alike.

The number of responses received strengthened our determination to get to the bottom of this serious issue and the Association accepted to meet the Head of Pathology at Mater Dei Hospital.

The meeting was held on Tuesday, 27th March 2018 at Mater Dei and we wish to highlight that the health authorities:

  1. Confirmed that the kit used to carry out the tests has been changed to a more sensitive one;
  2. Ascertained that the kit is working as it should and that the Pathology Department rules out that there may have any ‘wrong’ results.
  3. Emphasised that the parameters for the new test have changed and that the acceptable level is now between 0 – 19.9. This is clearly shown in brackets adjacent to the test result.



Sample of the specific details one has to look for


The health authorities specifically requested the Association to remind members that all patients had their own specific medical conditions/situations and that should their results exceed the parameters of 0 – 19.9, they needed to take up the matter with their medical practitioner or their consultant, particularly if they have maintained their gluten free diet.

The Association was also going to enquire with European associations to establish whether similar circumstances had been experienced elsewhere. It will also attempt to obtain any related information and to share this information with the Department of Health’s Pathology Department at Mater Dei Hospital.