Blood tests carried out at Mater Dei Hospital

Coeliac Association Malta

Despite the reassurances that the Association received from the Health authorities that there was an issue but that it had also been resolved, there seems to be a growing number of coeliacs whose 2018 blood tests are once again showing abnormally higher antibody levels.

Highly disturbing is the fact that there were instances where coeliacs carried out the same tests privately immediately after the Mater Dei results were made available and the privately conducted blood tests gave a completely different result.

Whilst confirming that the Association is doing its utmost to get to the bottom of this problem, we once again feel bound to repeat the advice given in the February 2018 newsletter; that is, urging coeliacs to check the latest blood tests results and to see how these compare to those carried out in the years preceding 2017, particularly if they scrupulously adhered to a gluten free diet.

The Association would like to keep a record of all such instances and invites any coeliac who experienced these disturbing situations to notify the Association by means of an email or SMS.

The Association affirms it will not divulge names to the Health authorities without the express authorisation of the person/s concerned.