Tips for Eating Out

We all enjoy eating out with friends and family. Being coeliac can make your experience at a restaurant a bit daunting at times. These tips will help you put your mind at rest to enjoy your food and the company of your friends and family.

Online Menus

Check the restaurant online and their menu before you go. If in doubt call them to ask if they cater for coeliacs.

Contact Restaurant beforehand

Notifying the restaurant beforehand always helps, especially if you are dining with a large group. Furthermore, chefs may be able to prepare gluten-free options.

Talk to the Waiter

Once you are at the restaurant talk to the waiter and explain your condition. Explaining that you have coeliac disease and the gluten free diet should ensure they understand your condition is genuine.

Double check the Menu

Make sure you double check any ingredients included in any gluten free dishes. Do not hesitate to ask the waiter to confirm any doubts you have with the chef.

Ask the Chef

If for some reason or another, you are not confident that your food is not gluten free, politely question the staff or chef about your concerns.