Gluten Free Hosts

Coeliac Association Malta

The recent statement from the Vatican on gluten free Holy Communion bread, has been issued only to clarify the position that has been in place since 2005 and further implemented in 2011. The Roman Catholic Church position on this issue has not changed. The only substance authorised by the Roman Catholic Church to make Eucharistic bread is wheat, a cereal that contains gluten. The special hosts that have been approved for use by individuals with coeliac disease when taking have a minimum content of wheat sufficient to be considered acceptable to the Catholic Church rules. This Communion Bread is made from gluten free (Codex) wheat starch and are either labelled gluten free (<20ppm) or very low gluten (<100 ppm).

As there are other churches that allow communion wafers that are made entirely from gluten free ingredients, e.g. rice flour, many times church suppliers offer two different varieties.

In Malta, there is more than one supplier, and whereas the Association imports and makes available only the accepted gluten free communion wafers, the composition of the other locally available hosts and whether these comply with the Catholic Church’s position may only be ascertained by the manufacturers.