The Hypocrisy from POYC

Pharmacy of Your Choice

Coeliacs collecting their vouchers for May are being given the a letter and a list which are attached.

The covering letter states that “As from 1st May 2017, patients registered with the Coeliac Scheme will be able to benefit from a wider choice of products…”

We are also attaching the list released on the 27th October 2015 and we encourage all coeliacs to compare this to the latest one dated 10th April 2017. They are identical; however, the latest one is now excluding anything containing chocolate. So – in reality – coeliacs are not experiencing a wider choice but a reduced one!

To add insult to injury, what is being claimed as a wider choice is, effectively, the vindication of the Association’s persistent claims that POYC was blatantly misinterpreting what constitutes a gluten free product.

By its misinformed opinion and subsequent decisions since 2015, POYC was causing unnecessary hardship and inconvenience to all coeliacs. Thank heavens, it finally dawned on POYC to correct their mistakes but, instead of apologising, they chose to claim this as an improvement.

The Association will continue its work and communicating with the POYC for further improvements.